Day number 529 of the pandemic, or so it seems. This week was a tad rocky and by yesterday evening I had not a damn bit of interest in cooking dinner. Owen was all for Papa Del's and it sounded fine to me. We ordered what is pretty much our standard, the Rico sandwich for Ernie, a gluten free for me and a pan pizza for Owen. When it arrived my pizza was clearly wrong. Luckily, it WAS gluten-free but it had DOUBLE sausage as well as green pepper and mushroom. I shrugged my shoulders and said what the hell. I also ate more of it than I usually do. What a freaking mistake. I may never eat sausage again. I really shouldn't order it on my pizza as I know it has garlic/onion in it, but normally I do pretty much ok with it. Doubled up? Oh, no, no, no. Why do I do things I know aren't good for me? I know, I know…a life long question. Suffice to say, it was a pretty rough night and I just dragged myself out of bed close to noon. Feeling a bit better now and shaking my head at myself.

I also spent way too much time finishing a novel that turns out to have two, count 'em TWO characters that died of pancreatic cancer complete with details about their last days. Why the fuck didn't I just stop reading? Again, I have no idea and just shake my head at myself.

But Ernie made me eggs and spinach and is playing Kris Kristofferson. It's raining outside and I'm planning a drive for tomorrow. 


Just look at this beast.