1. I looked at my calendar for May and this just about broke my heart.

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 1.56.11 PM

2. Olney is on my mind today with it being Palm Sunday. Bob published a beautiful post on Facebook about Palm Sunday and David Olney's performances at the church. They seem so long ago in some ways, but then again the Memorial at the Belcourt seems like another life as well. That was really the last time we were out in public other than grocery/doctor trips. It makes it loom even larger in my memory. Only fitting.

3. Strange times is the only thing I can think of to say sometimes.

4.  I dread the thought of going to the hospital tomorrow. I assume I can still go to the oncologist appointment before his chemo.

5. My anxiety is creating strange dreams for me. Lots of them about driving to Maine and my grandparent's house there.  I guess it's some kind of refuge for me still.

6. I'm eating like crap and paying the price. I'm trying….I'm TRYING. I've got some Triple S turkey backs in the slow cooker as I write so I'll make some kind of good soup for us tomorrow.

7. I watched the Tiger King thing on Netflix and while, yeah, it was fascinating, I feel sort of disappointed in myself. And I'm for trashy tv…don't know why that one hit me that way. 

8. The peony fists are growing up. Fists no more, I guess. I think I'll head out to the yard to check out what's coming up.


Thanks, as always, to the kindness given us. We are thinking of you all.