Some days I wake up cheerful, some days not so much and I can never predict. Yesterday I was out of sorts, today I feel pretty good. Part of yesterday's sadness was the fact that in normal times, I would have been enjoying the golden glow that follows a house concert with Eric Brace, Peter Cooper and Thomm Jutz. Eric put it so beautifully on his Facebook post:

This morning, in that beautiful parallel universe, without the virus or tornado wreckage, I would be waking in Champaign, Illinois, with Peter Cooper and Thomm Jutz, looking for a nice little coffee joint, reflecting on what a splendid time we had last night playing our Sandwich Life House Concert. We'd be praising Cynthia Voelkl and Ernest Blackwelder to the sky, and waiting for the Golden Harbor Authentic Chinese Restaurant to open, where we'd get an early lunch, then go wandering at the University of Illinois Arboretum, before heading east on I-74 to Indianapolis, where we'd stop for a snack at one of those amazing tamale joints there, before heading to our wonderful friend Cyndi Parrett Wagner's for the Redbud Tree House Concert tonight.

I was supposed to be feeling like this…


That sadness stayed with me. Our house concerts feed us. They bolster our mental health. They do so much for our life that we really feel the loss. Add in to that not going on our wanders through the midwest these days—the other meditative way we deal with processing life, living in the moment and finding pleasure in the day to day world…well, hell it's a wonder we're doing as well as we are. Yesterday, however, I made a glorious pot of ham and potato soup, and that was enough. So I woke up cheerful today.

You know that old adage about ham and two people and eternity? Well, there are three of us who eat meat in this household and we went through that ham in a FLASH.  It was a spiral-sliced one and we had pulled every bit of sliced ham off it, leaving just some bits at the end of the bone. I had some Triple S turkey broth in the refrigerator so I put the ham bone and the broth in the crockpot and let it go overnight. Yesterday I strained the broth and just added back in the bits of ham. I added about 4 russet potatoes diced up with the skin left on and cooked them until done. Owen came downstairs and said, "WHY does it smell so GOOD in here?" I got all excited because he doesn't usually like it when I make soup. I mashed the potato up some and added green peas and green onions. It was utterly heavenly. Of course if you could eat garlic and onion that would be good in there but honestly, we didn't miss it a bit. Of course you could add lots more vegetables but really…it was kinda perfect the way it was. In hindsight, I would have added more potatoes, and let the broth chill so I could defat it easily but DAMN it was so good. I used to make pea soup with a leftover ham bone but I can eat dried legumes anymore (although fresh peas seem to be ok) so this is my new post ham recipe.


So, no, I didn't feel the golden glow that a house concert would have left with us, but sometimes a pot of soup is enough.

Until next time, Eric, Peter and Thomm. We love you so much.


One thought on “Sometimes, in these times, a pot of soup is enough

  1. Looks scrumptious. I just made “clean out the fridge soup” I must say it was excellent. Bone broth, Visalia onions, peas, carrots, canellini beans, red creamer potatoes, minced garlic and into the crock pot.
    Soup rocks 👍❤️