Another day. Another day. I want to say they are endless, but they aren't. They seem to fly by. It's the way they blur into each other that gives them that endless feeling I suppose. 

Lord, I don't even have any pictures of food for you.

We're trying so hard to stay at home and safe but then sometimes things just happen. Owen got a call from his girlfriend that she had a flat tire so he raced over to rescue her. He changed it and they headed on their way when smoked started coming from one of her headlights. They pulled over and her car had flames coming out of it. The Fire Department came and the damn thing just burned up. I feel so terrible for her. Then, evidently Owen had left our car running or whatever, I don't know, so it wouldn't start. Ernie and Leo headed out to go jump it. I should have kept Ernie home but sometimes in the moment you forget. They got into Leo's car and HIS battery was dead. I kid you not. Ernie called his brother who came over and jumped Leo's car so they could drive over and jump OUR car.

In the meantime, his other brother, Dennis, came over with a new receiver so we could play vinyl again. ❤️

Eventually, everybody came home.

And now we're listening to the Real Kids, on vinyl, of course.


Oh, and we have a new box.