When Eric Brace posted the other day about our canceled house concert he mentioned the tamale place in Indianapolis they go to. For some reason in the middle of that night, when I couldn't sleep I started googling it and thinking about food…and then in that dreamy half-awake state I started making food lists in my head before I fell asleep. These are not necessarily the most exotic or interesting things I've ever eaten, but the ones that were revelatory. Sometimes it was the first time I'd had that food, like the eggplant parmesan or the asparagus…and others were times it was just the most perfect version, like both hamburgers on the list, as different as they are.


Eggplant parmigiana in the Allen Hall dorm cafeteria. 

Asparagus at some architecture conference reception in Ann Arbor

Lobster roll at the Pier Patio Pub in Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Burritos at some little Mexican spot on Howard in Chicago

Spanokopita at the Hip Pocket on Green Street

Homemade pesto in our apartment in Chicago

Homemade hummus in our old rental house in Centennial Park

Swordfish, halibut and lobsters from Bayley's Lobster Pound in Pine Point, Me

Smoked salmon from Captain Vinny at Boldcoast Smokehouse in Lubec, Maine

Fresh sesame bagels from New York Bagels and Bialy west of Chicago on Touhy, with cream cheese from the deli next door

Steamers at my grandparents' house in Maine

Bean soup at Deluxe in Campustown

Tamales my friend made in Chicago, taught by her Mexican-American mother in law

Chinese food in Chinatown sometime around 1990 in Chicago when a Chinese friend ordered everything off-menu

Cuban food in Calle Ocho in Miami…when we won the trip to Miami from the Maverick's first MCA album.

Mussels at Fore Street in Portland, Maine

Doughnuts from Donut Dip in Springfield, Massachusetts

Some coffee shop in Albuquerque near our hotel a million years ago…amazing New Mexican food

Green papaya salad from a place across from our hotel in St. Louis about ten years ago or so

The first time I had Thai food in Chicago at Star of Siam, a, well, a billion years ago with a friend from work

Cheddar biscuits from a barbecue place in Birmingham when we were there for a Lego convention

New England hot dog buns

Cheese plate at Baumgartner's Cheese Store and Tavern in Monroe, Wisconsin, just a few months ago

First real Chicago hot dog with my sister from some diner in Rogers Park when I was still in high school

Hamburgers at Moody's Pub in Chicago

Hamburgers at Green Gables just north of Bloomington

Deep fried green olives at some tapas place in Clemson, SC with my sister Judi

Superdawg. Always Superdawg.

Ok, I'll stop now, but I may update later.


What you got?


Last time we were at the Donut Dip