Thursday?  Wow. The week has flown, crawled and seeped by, all at the same time. Monday was chemo. Although I hate not being able to be with Ernie during his treatment, he DID have our trusty Peter Case with him. "Excelsior," as Peter would say.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 5.14.59 PM
I was so exhausted on Monday that after the appointment with the oncologist I went home and slept until he was done with chemo. I've been wiped out all week. Anxiety no doubt and my inability to sleep of late. 

On Sunday, before chemo, we did go for a bit of a wander however. We loaded up our masks and some snacks and meandered through a bit of Indiana closest to us.


As I took a picture of this building in a little town that was about a block long, a man rolled by in a golf cart. He yelled out, "50 cents a shot…just leave it on the corner for me." We both laughed, and then he stopped, and said, "They used to have EVERYTHING in there. It was the hardware store. You could get anything you wanted in there." He shook his head, we wished each other a good day and he rolled on.