Normally, after Ernie gets an infusion or injection or whatever, on our way home from Carle we stop at Fries and Peanuts and have a drink. We eat some peanuts and chat, and somehow we feel we're back in normal life. It reclaims normalcy, as Ernie says. Since the shutdown, we are at a loss after his chemo appointments. It's not the right time to go for a drive so we just head home. We always feel at a bit of a loss though.

Yesterday, he texted me that he was almost done, and said, "Shall we stop at the Esquire and get a few nuts?" "YESSS," I responded. I headed over to the Cancer Center to pick him up and I suggested we should do our best to recreate our stop. We headed to Schnuck's and I ran in and bought a bottle of wine for him (he's generally not drinking due to chemo but since his numbers are fine he has something once in a while) and for myself. I couldn't find peanuts in the shell so I got pistachios. We went home and had our own Fries and Peanuts stop. We watched some more of our Australian cooking competition and drank a toast to chemo day. It ended up being a lovely afternoon.

(ignore our messy counter)