Dragged myself out of bed. Had a glass of lemon water and took my pills. Then we trudged off, wearily, to the Cancer Center. We both hate chemo days. Not that it's that hard physically on Ernie, just for what it represents I suppose. We got there a few minutes at 8 am. He got his blood drawn from his port a little after 8:30. We headed off to the next waiting room and sat for about an hour and a half. There's nowhere to get coffee or anything anymore so we sit. Ernie almost dozed off over his crossword and I probably could have too. A bleary morning, a bleary place. I tend to wear my glasses on top of my head when I wear a mask to the whole place looked blurry which is only appropriate as it is how I felt.

Ernie's numbers looked fine for treatment. CT scan didn't show any activity. We're waiting for the MRI to be scheduled. Ernie went off to the infusion suite and I took the car keys and headed home. Unfortunately, I also took his crossword puzzle by mistake.

Now I'm home and will wait until I can go pick him up.

These are long days.

But my daisies bloomed.