Man. I skimmed over my blog posts for the year as I was looking for something and good GOD are they depressing. Valid, of course, but DAMN. I am feeling a little brighter today so I will try to share some positive notes.

I had a wonderful Mothers' Day. Mothers' Day can be fraught with danger, around here anyway. Last year Leo and Ernie were on their Big Boy adventure and Owen was the sole representative. He is inordinately proud that he BROUGHT it and I had one of my best Mothers' Days ever. Leo and Ernie offered to disappear again this year and let him take the lead but I said I wanted all three of them. I gotta say it was a pretty perfect pandemic kind of Mothers' Day.

Ernie attempted to make me gluten-free muffins. We laughed a LOT. They actually weren't bad if you didn't think of them as muffins.


Midmorning I laid on the couch with Hattie, the other mother in the house, and we both napped.


Ernie and Owen took off on a mysterious task. Leo came down and talked to me for a long time. Owen and Ernie arrived back home with a truly wonderful (and no doubt expensive) bottle of chardonnay for me courtesy Owen. I sipped it as the four of us watched Wayne's World. Yes, that had been my request. I had no patience for movies like that when they came out but I've softened as I've aged (raising teenage boys will do that to a person) so I am catching up. There's not a lot of space in our media room so when we all four watch a movie together we have to kind of smash together. It's wonderful.

Later Ernie and I cooked dinner. I had splurged and gotten the expensive dry scallops, and some lovely salmon, from Cheese and Crackers. I seared the scallops in brown butter and lemon. We did the slow roast of salmon in olive oil, fresh herbs and orange slices and had asparagus on the side. I microwaved the asparagus….rolled in wet paper towel for four minutes and it was perfect…tender but still had a bite. A piece of dark chocolate for dessert.

(I know…I can't plate for shit…but it WAS really wonderful.)

A pretty damn good day. I am so very fortunate and I don't take that lightly.

Oh, and leftovers for breakfast.




3 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I don’t know why, buy my favorite line in today’s post is, “…I can’t plate for shit.”

  2. You did a great job on dinner…all of my absolute favorite foods. My son the chef (yes really) said the secret to attractive plating is to use a large (white) plate. Lots of room to arrange and the food colors β€œpop”.
    You can do that thin drizzle of sauce on the plate if you’re feeling adventurous…there you have it….πŸ’•πŸ˜‚πŸ‘