What an absolutely gorgeous weekend.If only summer could be like this all season long. Friday night we social distanced with some friends in our yard. Saturday we sat in our front yard for a long time and then watched the season finale of Australia's My Kitchen Rules. Yes, this means I watched all 48 episodes. Don't worry though, now I'm going back to Season 1.

Later, I gathered some herbs from the yard; garlic chives, oregano, mint, and the last of the bolting cilantro before I went inside. I blitzed them all up with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. It tasted, well, perfect. It tasted like my front yard. We had some Alaskan halibut that we'd been supposed to cook the night before. I just sauteed it in a little olive oil and butter. The skin stuck but then it bunched up and got crunchy which was delightful. I'd read the skin wasn't good to eat but mine was! We had our standard spring side dish of asparagus, pea and green onions and a little bunch of broccoli microgreens. As I've pointed out before, I can't plate for shit, but DAMN I assure you this was SO good. I woke up this morning thinking about it. That good. The fish was from Cheese and Crackers. It's expensive so it was a splurge but worth every penny.


Lately, I've been eating some of the onion part of the green onions and so far, so good.

This morning I got my favorite spring breakfast. Eggs with tons of leftover asparagus, peas and green onions.


I worked much of the day but it felt good to get some things done for a project. Ernie and Trinity and Owen worked out in the yard. Leo somehow slept through it but I'll get him tomorrow. I went outside for a while but then a small snake slithered right through the grass and threatened me. I screamed, Ernie diverted it, and I returned to the safe indoors.

I have no idea what the hell is for dinner tonight.

It's a frightening and heartbreaking world out there.


3 thoughts on “My Bubble

  1. What kind of snake? I’m sure it wasn’t a rattler or a copperhead 😂😂😂
    I have black snakes and garter snakes, but they are ok. My little possum
    family do a lot of good too. After reading about your dinner, I’ll share what I had.
    I pan sautéed a nice piece of sockeye salmon, roasted veggies (small potatoes,Vidalia
    Onions, Brussels sprouts and beets. Sprinkled a little goat chees on the plated dish. I will send pix next time
    A glass or 2 of dry rose. 👍😍
    And I’m a happy girl.
    Yum…Food is Love … Eat!

  2. I know. I used to be petrified of snakes. Living in Florida has made me a bit braver😂. A couple of
    months ago a black snake wandered on to the back screen porch. It kind of surprised me. It was about 3-4ft
    Long. When he sensed my presence he turned around and scooted right back out. Most of these guys are more Leary of you than you are of them. I guess I just live and let live.
    Now alligators are another story. I don’t kayak during mating season. They can be aggressive and nasty 🤢 This was probably not to helpful😂😂