1. Walking around Schnuck's and listening to a recording asking people to social distance, wear masks and follow the arrows is somewhat surreal. Feels like a scene from a movie. However, yesterday I was there (it's the only place I go other than the Cancer Center or the hospital) and there was no recording AND half the aisles had no arrows. Are they just giving up? Or, are they making room for bigger arrows? I vote for bigger arrows. This is NOT a time for subtlety, people.

2. A new name keeps popping up on my phone. I don't answer it as A. I hate answering the phone, B. I figure it's a creditor and C. well, all of the above. Finally, they break down and leave a message and it is:

Hey Bubba, you gettin ready to butcher them pigs tonight? And see if you can get me one of those pops.

I kid you not, and the voice is exactly as you might imagine. Is this some insanely sophisticated scam? The mind boggles.

3. The other day Ernie looked down toward his feet and thought, "Is that a band-aid on the floor?" He picked it up and it was his toenail. Even our oncologist said, "EWWWWWW!" I love Dr. Vasireddy. I don't know why losing your nails is so insulting but it just is.

4. We made beef ribs the other night because I had put ribs on the shopping list and hadn't specified pork so Owen came back with beef. They were ok but can't say I'd do them again. I just don't care that much for certain cuts of beef. Don't like short ribs either. I know, I know, this content is riveting. I did say "random" though, didn't I?

5. I made another batch of gruel for Ernie. The last couple of rounds of chemo have been not too bad but yesterday he was just not feeling wonderful. I tried to convince him it was ok to take a nap; instead, he went out and weeded for a couple of hours (we have a lot of weeds). He came in pretty wiped out so when I proposed a batch of gruel he was happy. Two boxes of organic chicken broth, some boneless chicken thighs, simmer until the chicken falls apart, add in a few cups of cooked rice and cook down til it's gruel-like. At the end some sliced green onions and peas. He was happy and had two bowls. I had fish and kale (thanks Sandra!) and some of his rice. 


6. Through it all, Bob shelters on.