We ordered Papa Del's last night. And YES, that's twice in a week or something like that. I got the wrong pizza for the second time in a row too, but this time I liked the mistake better than what I ordered. If I can't do meat, the pepperoncini adds a nice little spiciness. Ok, let's think. It seems as though much of the world in on a marathon of home cooking and baking during this pandemic. Why has the opposite happened to me? I don't want to cook at all. Normally I LOVE to cook. Now, I'm just kind 'eh' when I think about it. Anyone have any ideas why that is?

It's just like seasonal affective disorder. I react in the opposite way. It's like I have seasonal affective ORDER. I like it when it's grey and gloomy.

The whole world wants to cook and I put down my knife and shrug my shoulders.

Eh. It feels like Monday. Yesterday felt like Monday. Yesterday WAS Monday.

I'm looking at Facebook too much. I'm posting pictures of my cats for God's sake.

Ok, ok. Enough whining.

Two good things:

1. This picture of my scallops from the other night with Rascal in the background.


2. It looks like Owen is actually going to graduate.