Ok, gotta be a better week this week. Yesterday everybody was grumpy but then again, it's a miracle we don't have more days like that.

Today is chemo day. Ernie signed some paperwork so they can get started trying to get grants for the copays for the oral chemo. For now, he is continuing his standard chemo just notched down in strength a bit to possibly lessen side effects. He's getting his chemo right now while I wait at home. I hate these days. They are just emotionally wearing. I'm trying to apply for medicinal marijuana online and the system keeps giving me error messages. Finally got into to and am downloading the doctor's forms etc and damn if there isn't a $250 fee to apply. 


Hmmm. What else?

Last night's dinner. Salt and pepper pork chops with super skinny pork chops. Sliced cucumber, some sugar snap peas and red pepper in just a bit of olive oil and a dash of soy sauce. Nice.



One thought on “A New Week

  1. Drat the $250 fee. Seems excessive.
    Since we’re virtual shut-ins, we have to rely on Peapod to deliver our groceries. Very irritating. They’ve been out of green onions (scallions) for several weeks now. They also omitted $30 worth of items we ordered, although the invoice claimed they had were delivered. They heard from me and promised they wouldn’t charge for the omitted items. I’ll be watching like a hawk. Also, the cucumbers were mushy. E-mailed a complaint about that, which was ignored.
    Hope you have a good week.