Well, Rome burns and I just keep focusing on my own corner of the world. When I say Rome burns, I'm not referring to any of the looting, etc…I'm just referring to our society and this frightening divisiveness. I pray some good will come out of it. The peaceful protests have been glorious.

I must say, when I think of George Floyd what my mind always goes to is him calling, "Mama." That really gets me, even more than, "I can't breathe," as horrific as that is. I remember when my sister Judi was dying, the last couple of nights she was still conscious she would call out, "Mom, Mom." I would go to her and comfort her and she would remember where she was and that it was me. That innate yearning for their mother as they near death though….that just tears at me.

So, Rome burns and we scurry about. Yesterday was chemo. I don't sleep well the night before those. We both kind of dread those days. The neuropathy in his feet is horrendous so they are switching him to an oral chemo (assuming we can get it improved by the insurance company). I guess that's good if it will make him more comfortable but it feels as though we zoomed through a treatment option pretty quickly. Eh, I don't know. He just had an MRI this morning. Got switched at the last minute to 7 am..ugh. Now he's home and xanaxed and glad it's over.

I couldn't go to either one with him although I saw Vasireddy with him. Then he heads us to the infusion suite and I head for the car. We can't even kiss each goodbye as we're masked. We kind of bump heads. I hate leaving him although it's starting to seem more normal.

I'm trying to keep up with my work while still allowing me time to watch My Kitchen Rules for a frightening number of hours a day.

And just for some color…a few pictures.

Bob, in his evening position


Fjord Trout with herb vinaigrette, over greens and avocado.


Leftover for breakfast.

The way to make leftover frozen pizza taste 25 times better? Drizzle it with a thick, herby vinaigrette.