It's been a lovely weekend. Friday night was our Zoom house concert with Jon Byrd.

Good Lord but I love him.

He did our hearts good. Yes, it would have been even better if he'd been in our living room but this was pretty damned wonderful. It was great to see so many faces—it was a great mix of Sandwich Life regulars and friends, Black Dog House Concerts' folks and then assorted Jon friends from everywhere. Even if we couldn't be in the room together it still felt good to be gathered together virtually. We need music. We needed Jon Byrd right then. Thanks, Jon.


Ernie was feeling pretty sick on Friday but he rallied for the show. This round of chemo seems a tad rougher. He's been dozing a lot and struggling with nausea. Zofran, some of his chicken and rice gruel, and a bit of weed help. And Bob, of course. Bob takes care of him always.


Yesterday evening Owen was off with his girlfriend and Leo was chasing a train with some friends. Sometimes it still feels funny when it's just us at home.

This is the first picture of the boys I ever posted on this blog. Oh, what a long time ago. This was when they had their watering business. Owen would drive, Leo would follow on his bike and they'd have a bucket of water in the little trailer. They would stop at neighbors' houses and offer to water plants for them. I think Gail even made a sign that attached to the trailer. Oh, and look, Leo's riding his bike, Rocket. Oh, he loved Rocket.


My sweet peas. All of them. Jon Byrd, Ernie, Bob, Leo and Owen.