I've been getting pretty itchy for some road time. Ernie and I mulled it over and decided to do at least a one day wander. Not sure about hotels yet, but I'm tempted. The Honda's a/c stopped working and we figured it needed to be recharged so Ernie took it in while I worked double-time to get my Friday work all done ahead of time so we could take off this morning.

Of course, things don't go that smoothly. I don't know what I was thinking. The a/c compressor is kaput and needs to be replaced. Estimates are well over $1,000.

Damn it.

Ernie's way too sensitive to heat these days (that is when he's not being sensitive to cold) to plan a long day without a/c. We grumpled for a bit. I know grumple isn't a word but I like it. We were both a bit down. We're living kind of a fragile life these days is how I think about it. Fragile emotionally and fragile economically as we work on paying down bills from when I wasn't working and didn't have health insurance. We're getting there but unexpected $1,000 bills aren't in the plan.

We watched My Kitchen Rules and muttered. Leo consoled us that least the car was running fine and it wasn't our house a/c. God, I love him. We muttered about what to have for dinner and couldn't decide. We were supposed to have fish from Cheese and Crackers but it turns out you have to do more than WRITE the email ordering the fish, you actually have to SEND the email. Nothing sounded good. We eventually made our way into the kitchen to poke around and here is the VICTORY of the day. Despite my grumpling and lack of enthusiasm…I made a GREAT dinner.

A gluten free roll, defrosted and then cut in half and toasted. A piece of my good old Aldi's tuna seared just a bit in the cast iron skillet. Then I sliced it and put it on top of a big scoop of crispy salad greens slivered, a perfect avocado diced up all mixed together with mayo and lemon and a bit of salt. It made two little open faced tuna sandwiches and it was GLORIOUS.



5 thoughts on “No Wander for Me But a Victory Nonetheless

  1. Aren’t you forgetting to make Bob a little tasty tuna sammich? They look perfect for paws and whiskers!

  2. For weeks I haven’t been able to figure out why my comments don’t appear, and after awhile, I stopped commenting. I still follow your blog–the concerts, the activities of your young men, your health issues. Always happy when you have some good news to share.
    So today, I tried logging into Facebook to see if my comment will show up. I don’t see why logging into Facebook should work, but then, I understand very little about techy stuff. Gettin’ old and lazy.
    Sorry that your car’s A/C let you down. I can really understand why you want to wander a bit. We have been in the house nonstop since March 12th.

  3. Is the tuna from Aldi’s fresh, frozen, canned? Looks good!!! Glad your day was saved!
    Love to you both.