I try not to push my anxiety on to Ernie too much but I do sometimes. The results for his MRI showed up at the end of last week but I could not make heads nor tails out of them, so I just fussed and worried. We had a video conference with the oncologist scheduled for yesterday afternoon. I think Ernie wasn't all that worried about it until I said, "Are you worried about it?" I'm such an idiot sometimes. So, for the rest of the day we BOTH worried.  Our appointment time came and went and I worried more. Finally, I got the message on my phone and tapped away until Dr. Vasireddy filled the screen. 

It was good. It showed no further progression on the disease. 

We were so relieved that when we got off the phone we both cried.

We wanted to celebrate but weren't sure how. I said I just wanted to have a glass of wine and watch more My Kitchen Rules. He said, "Is that what makes you feel safe?" I said yes and he said, "OK then." I let him have one celebratory glass of my wine and we sniffed and wiped our eyes and settled in to watch.


Bob, evidently, was NOT worried.


7 thoughts on “OK

  1. So glad Ernie’s scan was good. Enjoy the wine and each other. Hugs and prayers to you guys.💕

  2. sheesh, I can’t believe I’m only now reading this; sorry, I’m behind in reading. Glad to hear that Ernie’s MRI results were good-whew!
    Thinking about you & your guys, hope that other things are going better than the co-pay thing.
    On your side!