Ernie's birthday was a lovely day. Thanks so much for all the kind words and wishes and gifts. You made him feel loved and there's nothing better than that.

All five of us (Ernie, Leo, Owen, me, and Trinity) squeezed onto the couch in the media room in the afternoon and watched A Mighty Wind. You just haven't fully lived until you've watched that with Ernie and the guys. They absolutely roar throughout the whole thing. Later we had dinner all together. My curried oven-fried chicken wasn't as good as usual but nobody cared. We laughed and were loud and it felt good. Trinity is the only one that doesn't curse me when I try to take a picture.


Yesterday I was super busy with work but I finally curled up on the couch with Ernie and the cats. Bob was wedged in next to Ernie as per usual. Ernie started fooling around with him. He grabbed his paw and put it up to his hand said, "Give me a high five, Bob." He did that twice and then he put his palm out to Bob and as God is my witness, Bob raised his paw and gave him a high five. I screamed with laughter so loudly that I terrified Bob and he darted out of the room. Ernie and I laughed and laughed and laughed. I can't even think of the last time we have laughed that hard. Bob eventually came back but worked hard to retain his dignity and refused any further attempts at high fives.

Oh, Bob.

Here he is, post performance.