Yesterday was quiet. Between chemo and the Xanax, Ernie dozed on and off much of the day although he wouldn't really admit to it. I made a simple quick dinner earlyish because I knew if I waited I would give in and make popcorn. We had Arctic char. We've been ordering fish from Cheese & Crackers. It's not cheap but it's cheaper than ordering out and it's beautiful quality fish. We're working our way through their list of available fish. This was good but I didn't like quite as much as the Fjord Trout which was the same price. I liked this, but I LOVED the Fjord Trout. Given my level of ambition, I just sauteed it in a bit of olive oil until the skin was crispy, turned it over for a minute and that was it. Just salt and pepper. We did our standard asparagus recipe…cut up, sauteed in a bit of butter with peas and green onions. 

I so want to go have a drink and some popcorn at Huber's in their tent but I can't bring myself to do it. Has anyone gone out to any of the restaurants since things lifted? Owen and Trinity went to Black Dog for dinner. They said it was good but things just feel different. He was kindly telling me that even if I went to Huber's it might not be what I was looking for.

I love my boys.


and yes, another picture of fish