Yesterday felt like Friday so today feels like Saturday. I'm getting some work done nonetheless. No real news to report and that seems to be a good thing. Ernie is doing ok with the Xtandi thus far. Fatigue of course, and a bit of nausea, but pretty good…and his hair is fuzzing up and coming back a bit. 

Ameren had said they'd probably take the tree down in September but yesterday they brought a cherry picker kind of thing up to it and stood around in the rain looking at it. No activity today.

Too lazy to even put a chicken on the grill last night so we just stuffed it with lemons and threw it in a 475 degree oven upside down. Pretty damn good along with some quinoa and kale and the lemony chicken juices.


And yes, ALL the cats want to hang out with Ernie.


But only one is truly his baby.