The Fourth of July weekend was a bit of a wash and yesterday was more of the same…and much worse. Owen had woken up sick on Friday, nauseous and vomiting. Came home, felt better as the day wore on but woke up on Saturday nauseous again. More of the same on Sunday but then it just got worse. Yesterday he was moaning in pain and miserable. I took him into Convenient Care on Curtis Road. Chairs are taped off in the waiting room but luckily it was pretty empty and we got in right away. The nurse said she wasn't really supposed to let me go back with him but she did anyway. She said, "I'm a mother too." After an exam and lots of discussion, they referred him to the Emergency Room. I asked if there wasn't a mid stop between CC and the ER but there kind of wasn't, partially due to insurance. So, off we went. I worried that they wouldn't let me in with him but it wasn't a problem.


Long story short: they don't know. They referred him to see a gastro. They did bloodwork, urine test, cat scan. Hooked him up to an IV and gave him Zofran and Fentanyl. Nothing really helped. He was shivering even under three heated blankets. Through it all he was utterly charming and polite. As they rolled him off in a wheelchair for his cat scan, his eyes got big and he said, "Wow, this is the first time I've ever been in one of these puppies."

He was so upset the whole time because he was supposed to help his girlfriend and her family move. The nurse and I reassured him that the ER was a pretty good excuse. In the meantime, Ernie drove Trinity back to Danville in the un-airconditioned truck (thank God for Dennis' truck) since we had Leo's car as ours is in the shop for the a/c. Timing. Timing is everything.

The whole day was utterly exhausting and frustrating. They were worried about his appendix but it looked fine. When they referred to gastro they said it could be some kind of autoimmune gastro issue. I absolutely hate the thought that he could be dealing with some of the stuff I do.

I picked up a bunch of prescriptions at Walgreens for him, of course forgetting the one that has been waiting for me. Everybody masked and spaced nicely. Got him home and he was near tears just hurting and frustrated not knowing. 

The four of us started watching a movie together but were interrupted by Peter B's calling about the Honda. Ok, a silver lining to the day….what had been estimated at $1,200 or more came out to less than $500 AND they fixed another issue as well. All hail Peter B.'s While Leo and Ernie went off to pick it up Owen and I curled up and watched the Echoes from the Canyon doc or whatever it's called. Wonderful, wonderful archival footage but Jakob Dylan, really? And the only woman interviewed seemed to be Michelle Phillips and they spent an inordinate amount of time talking about an affair she had. Really?

Later he went up to his room to lay down but said he didn't want to be alone so Ernie scoured the CDs and went upstairs with some to play for him. I put on some restaurant redesign show and just stared blankly at the tv. I was so tired I could barely move. Ernie came back down and we ordered some Chinese. Owen eventually came down and curled up between us. We dosed him up with his pills and some Unisom and he eventually dozed off. It felt just like when he was a toddler and would fall tearfully asleep between us when he had an ear infection. We tried to quietly eat our food as he dozed. I had a glass of wine and a Unisom and went to bed.




3 thoughts on “Did NOT See That Coming

  1. Hoping things are looking better for Owen today! Wow, what an awful day! (But good on the car repair.) Hang in.