I must say that I try REALLY hard to find the positives in our life, of which there are many, and not feel sorry for myself. Every so often, however, I fail. 

Today, I'm failing.

We got back from Beaver Island Monday night and yesterday morning Ernie began experiencing symptoms from his cancer again. I talked to Vasireddy's office…they talked to Vasireddy and he said to get Ernie in for an MRI as soon as possible. At first, they were talking ER and we SO did not want to do that. I've only spent two long days in the emergency room this year, but that's still too many. Luckily (?), they scheduled him for one this morning instead. So, for my birthday today, I got Ernie an MRI.

I can't even go with him anymore. I have to drop him off at the hospital and come back home. I'm trying to get caught up with work but I am distracted. I'm waiting for the boys to either wake up or get home so I can make them do something about our filthy house but I'm not sure that will make me happy either. It's not even as if we make a big deal about birthdays, we really don't, but I can't say I'm particularly enjoying this one (despite all the lovely and MUCH appreciated wishes and greetings).

BUT…we ordered quail and some salmon from Cheese and Crackers to pick up later. Might cook the quail for dinner tonight. I've never cooked it so that should be fun. AND, Owen's going to mow the lawn, AND when Leo gets up I'll either ask him to vacuum the living room and dining room or mop the bathroom floor. AND hopefully, Ernie will be done before too, too long. He'll be a tiny bit loopy from the Xanax they give him. He gets very chatty which can be entertaining.

So, all will be ok.





3 thoughts on “I gave an MRI for my birthday

  1. Not at all fair, either for your birthday or for just coming home from vacation! But from the following note, it has to be a little worth it to learn there’s no new cancer growth! That’s wonderful!! Hugs all around!