I reread my post from yesterday and I sounded giddy. QUAIL! XTANDI! HAM AND MAYO! The thing is, I felt giddy yesterday. I just dreaded going to that oncologist appointment and I don't really know why. We already knew the results of his MRI, it wasn't one of those times when we going in to hear results that might be bad, but for whatever reason, I just ABSOLUTELY did not want to go. I tossed and turned the night before, laying on my left side, laying on my right side, fluffing pillows, right side, left side….until sometime close to morning I ended up flat on my back with one arm above my head. If you are old like me you might remember Brian Boitano's signature jump with his arm over his head. That was me…except that I was lying down and motionless.


That amused me even when I was lying there half asleep thinking about it. Eventually, I fell asleep only to have a full-fledged nightmare like I haven't had in years, complete with blood and mayhem and killing. It began with Michael Pollock, Phil Strang and I  in Record Service worrying how to feed people that had no food and morphed into a combination restaurant and antique shop in New York run by Mario Batali that had shooting daggers in the front door. Then it got worse. I was a bleary mess when Ernie got me up.

For some reason though, we did feel a bit giddy after our appointment. We even opened a bottle of Champagne  (thank you Ceal) midday as we waited for a storm midday in the front yard. I ended up being covered with mosquito bites so I scurried back inside and watched my welts grow. I will spare the photo documentation I couldn't resist doing but DAMN my body doesn't like mosquito bites. Sometimes I get bites just like everyone does but sometimes my body just says NO!

Later I forced myself to cook dinner even though I didn't feel like it and damned if it wasn't good. Next time Aldi's has lamb loin chops I'm going to stock up. Four minutes a side in a medium-hot skillet…salt, pepper and olive oil. Oh, and a squeeze of lemon. Absolutely great. I had mine with salad and avocado…Ernie had his with a mountain of potato salad. If I'd had more energy I would have done one of my herb vinaigrettes but it was great as is (as was?).


Hattie has been hanging out with Ernie a lot lately. I'm a tad offended but what can you do. Evidently she got a little close for Bob, so instead of lying by Ernie's side as he usually does, he had to claim his territory a little more forcefully. Note the paw on Ernie's hand. That's a statement, folks.


And lastly, in going through paperwork the other day (as a friend said the other day…cancer can be a full-time job) I came across the total for all of Ernie's health insurance claims processed for 2020 through June 30.

$295,785. 71. For six months.

Yeah. But who cares if not everyone has health insurance.