I've been missing David Olney. On our trip to Beaver Island last week we listened to one of his albums and his face and his voice have stuck within me.

It just seems like he should be walking up to our porch. I would open the door and hug him and tell him he looked beautiful and he would give me that little smirk that meant, "she's a little over the top but I love her anyway." Dan Seymour would be standing behind him smiling and I would be SO happy. Sometimes that moment was even better than the performance, not that that's really possible.

When I think of people I've lost there's always one little gesture or detail that hits me and I wonder how that can not exist in this world anymore. How can the way my sister rubbed her nose not be still happening? How can that quick smile of Nick Rudd's not be there? How can David's kindly smirk not be happening?

I remember him singing Look, one of my favorites, once and as he started he pulled his glasses off and threw them on the coffee table in front of him in our crowded living room. And he closed his eyes for a moment and sang and then he did that little shuffle I loved so much. 

I guess that moment is still out there. But I miss him.

Love you forever, David.


3 thoughts on “Missing moments

  1. Thank you Cynthia , for sharing those thoughts , and great picture … that sly twinkle of the eyes … yes these were lovely moments . . Fine shows , wonderful music , warm voice. And lovely people enjoying. . . . I sure miss those Tim’s … what has happened to our world ?? Sp glad to hear you are both well and traveling a bit again !!

  2. Thanks Cynthia – I miss David as well…he had a profound influence on me as a person and writer and I feel blessed to have known him. You take care and much love to Ernie and the Boys xx Bill Jackson

  3. Thank you so much for this. For conjuring him so beautifully. He’s really been on my mind lately too. Powerfully. This was perfect. Thank you again.