My forehead is peeling from the bit of sunburn I got at the beach on Beaver Island so I guess my trip is fading away a bit. The memories, and the escape I got from daily life, will hang on though.

It's a miracle we actually made it. Teri booked this trip last year. There had been supposed to be a music festival, although that, of course, fell by the wayside. After Ernie's cancer reared its ugly head over the New Year we didn't know if we'd be able to make it with his chemo schedule. Then the pandemic hit of course. At one point I told Teri we couldn't do it….that I thought it might be too much for Ernie and we were too worried to travel. Then we wavered and decided to go. It was our friend's Becca's house which we knew would be clean and safe. Then Owen ended up in the emergency room. He got a bit better so we decided that yes, we would go. Then he had a relapse the day before we were supposed to leave. I could have cried with worry and stress and indecision. Eventually, the two boys encouraged us to go. Leo assured me he would do anything Owen needed and he was not in any kind of imminent danger so we should just go. We waffled. We were both so exhausted that it almost seemed easier to just stay home but we knew it would be worth it. At 10:30 the night before we were supposed to leave we just looked at each other blearily. We both still had to shower and pack and set the alarm for 2:30 the next morning. But…we did it.

I dozed for a hell of a lot of the drive. Poor Ernie. We got to Charlevoix and I ate the filling of a sandwich and that perked me up some (eating not only gluten-free but low fodmap at restaurants is not easy). I kept assuring Teri that I would perk up. We sat on benches watching the rain and waiting for the ferry. Overall people in Michigan MUCH better at masking than in Illinois. 

I adore watching the ferry ballet. I find the unloading of cars, trucks, luggage, bicycles, kayaks, of anything imaginable…utterly fascinating. It's always a pleasure to watch people good at what they do and the choreographed swooping in and out of forklifts just delights me for some reason.

We reached Beaver Island only to see our beloved Becca and Bryan waving their signature pool noodles in the rain. It felt so good to be there. Our house was wonderful of course. Becca and Bryan are really good at what they do and Becca has a brilliant eye (as you can see from her Instagram).

It was late afternoon when we got there but it felt like midnight to me. We sat and talked and relaxed. I drank some wine and started to shed some of my stress. We actually even managed to fix dinner! We had brought some smoked pork chops from Triple S as one of our only contributions. Brian grilled them perfectly and I think we thew together a salad although I mostly remember the chops. Lord I love those. We ate, sat and chatted and I begged permission to go to bed. It wasn't close to dark but I laid there reading a bit, slowly sinking deep into the bed and watched the light slowly darken. It felt heavenly.

More to follow.