Owen seems a teensy bit better. Got him to eat some rice and drink some water and he played his guitar a little. We've got a phone appt with gastro on Friday.

The coffeemaker broke.

I went into my office and sat down in a pool of cat vomit, only to have to pick my computer mouse off the floor, also covered in vomit.

We got a $7,300 grant towards Ernie's oral chemo so he will start that next round. They said they can go back for another grant (yay, low income) or to the manufacturer when that runs out.

Got COVID tests for the whole family.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts and messages.


3 thoughts on “Onward.

  1. That’s great news on the grant for the oral chemotherapy–here’s to less symptoms!
    Glad to learn that Owen’s feeling better as well.

  2. Helluva day, Cynthia, but overall, seems more positive than not, which is good! That much cat vomit, though, and it’s placement, does kinda outweigh some of the better things….