1. I am so off on what day of the week it is. Yesterday I swore it was Thursday, today I thought it was Wednesday. The sameness of the days is confusing.

2. Today I had a Zoom meeting with a colleague and I didn't put a shirt on over my sleeveless dress. I told her I was paying her a great compliment by exposing my upper arms to her…it's like a cat exposing its belly…utter trust. She agreed and shed her shirt as well. We were much more comfortable, cat belly to cat belly.

3. My office upstairs is freezing in the winter and hot in the summer. The vent just doesn't seem to work. It's open but nothing comes out. A space heater helps in the winter but damn it gets warm up there. Can you get little a/c things the way you get space heaters? Hmmm.

4. Nice moments: when you ask your son to get you a glass of wine and he goes into the dining room cupboard and pulls out the dusty cut tumbler, Pittsburgh area, c. 1815-35, washes it, fills it with wine and brings it to you.


5. Sometimes, when you're feeling too lazy to grill, you just throw a whole chicken upside down in a pan, rub some salt on it and the roast the hell out of it data 475 degrees and it turns out just right. That and a beautiful salad from a friend made dinner.


6. Bob, trying to look dignified.

Onward all. Onward.

3 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I did see an ad somewhere online for a small a/c and thought about our second level (half-story), also very warm in summer. But then I’d have the problem of finding a plug-in for one…. Oh, and don’t feel like the Lone Ranger on losing track of which day is which — very common here, too, I fear.