I think our day of quiet did us good. We literally did nothing. We watched a ridiculous number of episodes of  My Kitchen Rules, watered the window boxes, tried to rescue the hose from a volunteer pumpkin plant that is taking over the yard (three pumpkins so far), cooked dinner and watched a little more tv (Wanted on Netflix, and as always when we get sleepy, a Frasier).

We finally used our salmon that we got on my birthday. We've been so off the last few days that we hadn't even cooked it, or our quail. We've just shrugged our shoulders when one of us said, "Do you want dinner?" and foraged instead. It was time to cook.

We kept it simple, just seared the salmon in a pan along with some zucchini and made a herb sauce of basil, tarragon and oregano from the yard, with just olive oil, a bit of lemon juice and salt and pepper. See? I didn't use the Oxford comma in that last sentence even though it's making me twitch a bit. To be honest, I undercooked the salmon a bit but it was still delicious and although the crispy skin came off when I turned it, it sat on the side of my plate like a little potato chip just waiting to be crunched. Delightful dinner.


It was a long week, bookended with coming home from Beaver Island on Monday to the City telling us we have 30 days to get rid of the dead tree in front of our house on Friday. At least this time they have agreed that it's on the property line and the responsibility of our neighbor as well. Of course, that also complicates that we have to work with a neighbor that, well…we shall see. Owen's seen a bit of improvement but is still not feeling great. Oh, and a notice about a credit card I forgot about. Of course in the middle of it all were Ernie's symptoms and the rushed MRI. All in all, despite the good news about Ernie's MRI, a hell of a lot of stress….not our best week, birthday or no birthday. That's why when I got up yesterday, despite my plans to catch up on work and clean, etc….I just said to Ernie, who looked a bit tired…."Let's just take this day to be quiet…and just be."

Leo had left before I got up for a train trip with some friends. Owen was here during the day, had then had band practice and left to go to his girlfriend's house with a package of pork chops in his backpack to cook for her. Let's hope he brings the spices he took back. So it was just us in the evening. It feels odd but a harbinger of things to come, as it should be of course. If we weren't in the midst of a pandemic and unemployment Leo would have already moved out….he's itching to. Owen too.

The combination of the stress and anxiety of our personal issues with the stress of our world issues is exhausting. I know I should get more exercise, eat better, drink less wine. I'm envious of those who are able to take this time to tackle house projects as well as ambitious cooking or writing or doing. My response is just to get quiet and nest, whether it's in my chair in the living room with the laptop, or in my corner of the couch in the media room or in my bed reading.

BUT, it's Sunday now, and Bob and I have finished snuggling and reading in bed (well, I read, he snuggles) and I am across the hall in my messy office and the light is nice and it feels good to be writing this even though it's just stream of consciousness rambling about my life.

Love to all.


Pictures from the week:


One of the highlights of my week were my birthday drawings from Eva. I also got a winking soft serve lemon ice cream cone and a koala…but you know me…the lobster was my favorite. THANK YOU EVA!

Lately, if I ask Owen to get me a glass of wine he rummages around in the cupboard to find a different goblet than I usually use. He dug out a Lily of the Valley goblet the other day that I'd forgotten we had. Yesterday was a classic Bellflower with the knob stem and barrel bowl…my favorite.

The volunteer pumpkin plant that is taking over my zinnias. Oh well.

If you EVER come to our house and see a blanket on a couch or chair…DO NOT SIT ON IT. Rascall loves to worm his way under there. At least this time he left a bread crumb of a hint.

Post snuggle this morning.


3 thoughts on “The Week

  1. I seem inclined to the same sort of pattern you have (minus the kids and, thankfully, the medical scares). I’ve had all this time to do constructive stuff, but aside from working in the yard earlier, I’ve mostly read and tv’d and laptopped. Good to know I’m not the only one. Hope all the tumult settles down for you all!

  2. Knobbed stem is sweet…makes a classy vessel classier! Variety of goblets adds spice to life…