First and foremost, Owen is feeling better. Not great, but much better. He had a phone appointment with gastro yesterday and will be doing some further tests. We shall see what happens.

It's been a hard week. 

In the wake of all this strange uncertainty, the four of us went ahead and got tasted for COVID. All negative and the process was incredibly easy and quick.

I've been a bit under the weather. I don't know if it's a lesser case of what Owen has or just the combination of stress and everything else. I'm trying to get caught up with work. It's been kind of a lost week. Yesterday we had two phone appointments about Ernie's oral chemo. Sometimes those things are hard. I mean, everybody's great and clear about information; it just makes everything all too real. They also seemed to be indicating that Ernie should go ahead and start it right away…which would have had him on double chemo. I spoke up and they double-checked and yes, he shouldn't be starting it until the end of the month. As good as everyone is you gotta keep an eye on it all and speak up when it doesn't seem right. Channeling my inner Renee.

The silver lining this week was spending a lot of time with Owen. And Leo got some great train shots.



Oh, and he has a helmet now…thanks to Ginna and Steve!

Watching Waiting for Guffman

Supposedly, Rascal is completely asleep…but I still don't trust that paw.