It's 10:31 and we're already back from the Cancer Center because…no chemo today! Instead, he starts his oral chemo, which is more accurately cancer therapy than chemotherapy according to his oncologist. This should be easier on his feet in terms of neuropathy (although it could take six months) AND his hair has already starting fuzzing up on his scalp. The doctor said most patients tolerate this treatment really well-so….crossed fingers. Good thoughts and prayers welcome, as always.

I didn't get all I wanted to get done yesterday but I got enough done to feel somewhat productive, including deleting 4,000 photos and upgrading to Catalina. I am such a sucker for upgrades. So far, so good. 

I finally cooked our quail and OMG….we LOVED it! We shared it with Owen and Trinity but I don't think they were as excited as we were. We salted it an hour or two ahead and then just seared them kinda flat in a skillet. We drizzled the last dab of my herb vinaigrette on top. I think I overdid it a tiny amount but, just the same we loved it. This is not an attractive plating but what the hell….


They're not cheap so I wouldn't get them often but we thought they were really quite wonderful. Because we just had one each we were still pretty hungry so later I made myself a little ham sandwich on a gluten free roll. Sometimes simplicity really is perfect. I could have tarted up the mayo with some lemon juice or herbs but damned if it wasn't perfect just as is. Didn't even have to season anything because the ham was salty. It was utterly lucious.

Untitled designToday? I owe Ernie some potato salad.