This is my front yard.


Given that the ash had had little to no foliage in the last two years I didn't think I would miss it that much. I guess I wasn't taking into account how absolutely massive that trunk was. It did a fair job acting as a fence of its own. Although I hated the weed trees growing too closely behind the fence, they were a nice visual shield. This will take some getting used to. 

Side note…I am so grateful that tree had already been taken down before those winds from the derecho came through the other day. Second side note….derecho is a new word to me and that's always pleasing.

It took a crew of 3 men with a backhoe and truck two full days to haul away all of the tree from both our yard and our neighbor's. They also took down a smaller tree as well, but still, there's no way we could have handled this without them. Although there are a lot of smashed plants, they did a pretty good job of clearing things out without causing more damage and lord only knows the yard was a lost cause this year. We'll have some rethinking to do over the winter. I don't know whether to try to plant something in front of where the tree was, or just wait for that evergreen and hydrangea in front of the fence to get larger. Suggestions welcome.


I wish this picture captures how huge this tree trunk really was. Once again, the house shook when they managed to get it into their truck.

The yard needed a revamp anyway. What had been a lovely shade garden had slowly become a bit ratty as the shade plants died off but sunny plants were not impressed by their opportunity either. We shall see.