I went out for a work/brunch meeting today. Me. In public! I felt like I'd forgotten how to do it. Getting ready…where's my laptop bag? Better put a bra on. Good Lord, I should have looked at my toenails before leaving the house in Birkenstocks. I drove down Neil and was pleased to see a Biden sign in the window. Then I realized it's the Champaign County Democrats office. Ah. Got to the restaurant and sat and waited outside. I realized I was sitting near someone with no mask. Thought about moving but then figured I'd be downwind of him…maybe this was better? Tried hard not to look at my toenails. Eventually, I got to sit and talk and drink iced tea with my beloved Pam. It felt so good. We didn't even do as much work as planned because they had no wi-fi. Fine with us!

It did make me realize I DO need to try to get out a bit more. I felt so off-kilter and unsteady. I always remember the first time I went out after having given birth to Leo. I was so used to the weight of that big-headed baby that being without him I felt like I would tip over all night. I vividly remember that. In the dark cool of the old Highdive….feeling like I'd tip over. Today felt kind of like that.

Came home to my boys clearing the weed trees behind our fence. The neighbor said it was fine and they can get hauled away with the ash tree. It REALLY changes things. Yikes. I'll miss the shield of the trees but they were going to take over our fence. I hope our new neighbors (the old renters just moved out) are ok. We've had varied luck with renters of that house. I'll get used to the new view though. I'll have to really think about what we're going to do with the yard next year.

A year of many changes.



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