I was antsy yesterday. It felt like Saturday. Midday we decided to run a few errands. We headed over to International Galleries to see our beloved Debbie Stewart. I had decided I wanted to frame my last note from David Olney. Ernie kinda laughed at me when I carefully placed in a plastic bag before heading out the door, but Debbie understood. It was so lovely to see her, as always, and IN PERSON too! 


We went back to the car, ready to head to the grocery store but Ernie couldn't unlock my door with his key fob. Hmmm. He used the key on his side only to get to find the car completely dead. Every single thing. Dead.


IMG_1567(No, we still haven't dusted that dashboard.)

I called the boys and Owen headed over in Leo's car. It wasn't THAT hot a day but sitting in a car in a parking lot made it feel so. I tried to stick my head out periodically to catch breezes. After waiting for a while Ernie shrugged and put the key in and it started just fine. 


We waited for Owen so he could follow us home. We made a quick stop to buy corn, not realizing it was in honor of the Sweetcorn Festival. Five bucks for a dozen ears, plus a bag, plus a water bottle, and there was someone wearing a corn costume so that was nice. We headed toward Champaign but the car kept wanting to die. We did ok until stopped in front of a light on University with, of course, a long line of cars behind us. By the time Ernie got the hood up to signal people to go around us and Owen had popped out of his car, it came back and we were able to make it home. He turned off the a/c and then we didn't seem to have a problem. Hmmm.

We've got an appt to take it in but it's not until after Labor Day.

Damn it.

And I feel like going on a wander.

Oh, well. I still have more episodes of My Kitchen Rules, which is good as I have decided I am not going out in my yard until we get a freeze.

Other notes:

1. Leo has been un-furloughed!! Hopefully business will keep up so he can stay. He's very excited to get back to work. I love that boy.

2. Owen is playing a wedding today. He has reassured me he'll be very careful re: masking and Trinity has promised to send pics.

3. I really like it when I wake up in the middle of the night (for me) and can smell that Owen and Trinity have been cooking dinner.

4. Every night around 9:30 or 10:00 I start haunting AirBnB or VRBO to look at places to stay in Maine. I want so bad to make it happen. The problem is that although we might be able to swing a week's stay (I WAS hoping for another stimulus check) it takes so darn long to get there. It's two nights in a hotel either way. You CAN do it with one night only but it never seems worth it in how tired you are when you get there. Ideally, we drive to Buffalo in one day and then into southern Maine the next night. I don't know. I want to figure out a way to swing it. I was thinking maybe October…past the peak of leaves so it wouldn't be as expensive. I keep obsessing and mulling it over. Ernie shakes his head but I know he really wants to go too. Then again, who knows what the car is going to cost.

We shall see.

5. Oh, I remembered another David Olney anecdote! He and Sergio or Dan would most often leave all their stuff with us overnight and come back and get it in the morning. I remember the morning after that first show I had set aside three CDs I wanted to buy. I brought them over to him and he waved his hand and said, "no charge." I protested and said that I wanted to pay. He paused, then grinned and said, "You're not very good at this, are you?" I said no and handed him $30 and we both laughed as he shook his head.

Dinner note:

I bought one of those zoodler things a year or so ago and rather thought I'd wasted my money but lo and behold we are really enjoying our zoodled zucchini and squash. The chicken glaze had honey in it..hence the darkness. I had planned on curry and honey but am out of my beloved Penzey's Sweet Curry Powder so switched to chipotle powder, mustard and honey. That and the sweet corn made for a damned yellow dinner (did add some green beans for a bit of color) but it was delicious.



One thought on “Friends, Olney, the car and other notes

  1. Love how you come up with all these stories of David and share them . . . .It keeps him around a little longer !!. . . Lovely. . . Thoughts of different shows or roads followed to get to them come to me almost every day !!! … Lucienne