Well, that was a bust. I went to a doctor's appointment with Ernie and they wouldn't let me in. I get it, of course. I just thought that since I went to his oncology appointments I could go to this one. No go.


So I sat in the car and pondered the parking lot. Good Lord, look how dirty our car is. The appointment was fine. It was with a podiatrist because chemo has turned his feet into godawful creatures. There's no magic cure of course…I just want to make sure he's having them looked at since he can't feel much. When he saw me looking at him when he was walking back to the car he did a little dance., even with those wretched feet. I love him so.

We trooped off to Schnuck's where we spent far too much because I was there. My father used to go crazy buying fruit at the store, with me it's the vegetables. On the way home I whimpered when we got close to Einstein's Bagel's so he went in and got me an iced tea. It makes me think of my beloved Pam…I can't wait until we can start our meetings back up again there. He came out with the mango iced tea and I looked at it mournfully so he went back and got me my standard black tea and when he came out he pretended to drink it through his mask. 

These are the moments that make up our life every day. I'm trying to make sure I remember each and every one. As we drove home we were listening to my brilliant Ian Hunter's When I'm President and I said, "God help me when he dies." Ernie shook his head and said, "Good Lord, your whole support system will be gone," and I almost spit out my tea. We laughed very hard.