Sometimes I think I'm doing fine and sometimes I don't. When I stopped seeing a therapist a few years back because I had no insurance for a while, she asked me how I would know if I wasn't doing ok. I said if I wasn't posting on my blog that would be a sign. Because this is, as I've said before, my cheap therapy routine. Plodding along processing my life for all. Of course, I don't spit everythin out here…I do have a FEW filters, but generally speaking, much of my life is laid out in this blog.

I have been steadily posting so that's good. I realize there is something else though, something I could not have imagined. I haven't been listening to music.


Once in awhile, I play a David Olney video. Or something by Nick Rudd. That's it. Ernie sometimes plays music but it's as though I don't take it in. I've somehow blocked my music receptors. How can that be? I know that's not healthy for me.  You'd think I'd be burying myself even more in music but I just can't do it. Maybe it opens me up too much. I'm reading a lot but mostly fluff that I don't care about…I try to read something with more weight and I can't do it. I'm watching more tv than I should but it's mostly My Kitchen Rules. 

I know I will come out of this one way or another.


side note: I had no idea One Direction had covered this.