It's been a LONG week.

My allergies are acting up so I feel a bit runny eyed and stuffed up.

Our house strangely maintains its level of messiness. It doesn't get worse but it doesn't get better

I've been having strange dreams but the only thing worth recounting is that I dreamed my BIL Dennis adopted two Corgis and named them Barry White and Barry Manilow.

I've only got three seasons of My Kitchen Rules left. God knows what we'll do then.

Frozen pizza for dinner last night because I put Ernie and Owen in charge of dinner. Yet again, fresh basil and herb oil elevate the hell out of a frozen pizza.


I'm always amazed by ridiculously chickeny Triple S's chicken is. I know that sounds foolish, but honest to's so CHICKEN. It truly makes you rethink cheap grocery store chicken just in terms of flavor if nothing else. We were too lazy to grill or do much of anything the other day so we just roasted the whole chicken wings at 400 degrees and they were so damn good.


And, last but certainly not least, here is Rascal's portrait for those that haven't seen it on Facebook. He has two gold hoops in his left ear just like his father, Owen, does. It's pretty wonderful, isn't it? An artist friend of Trinity's did it.


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