Some Mondays just are supposed to be Sunday 2.0. Today was one of those. I asked Ernie if it could be Sunday again but he said he couldn't help me with that. So I stayed in bed later than I should have and read the news and poked around online and then, to make myself feel better I played this very loudly.

Thank you, David. You are still helping me get by. He talked to me in a dream the other night but I can't remember what he said.

I have no other news of import. Bob still loves Ernie. Here is Ernie sitting on the side of the bed after waking me up. Oh, Bob. Then he just hurled himself at Ernie and kind of deflated.


We tried some Chesapeake Bay rockfish for dinner last night. I'd never had it before. We absolutely loved it. I think I overcooked it a bit but it was still good. And the lime/ginger/mayo marinade really didn't do a damn thing, but it was so good that didn't matter a bit. A nice, clean, somewhat meaty white fish. Ernie LOVED it. 


Cats and food. And David Olney. That's all I got.


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