Sunday morning I woke up early. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I got back into bed I left the door open so I could lay in wait for Leo. Sure enough, close to 6:30 I heard him open his door and start down the stairs. "LEO," I bellowed, "Come kiss my goodbye!" He good naturedly came in and said goodbye and gave me a kiss. He was setting off on a six hour drive to Michigan to pick up a Westinghouse WABCO E2 locomotive train horn.

He is SO my guy.

He got home about 13 hours or so later but was kind enough to send this picture after picking it up. 


If I have the info correct, it is pre-1950's..probably 1944-1948. And, yes, it works. It needs an air compressor. Ernie and Leo are off to get one later today and then take it out to the country to try it out as it would be a bit loud in our yard.

The celebration when he arrived home.


Of course, the cats had to check it out.

See where it would have been on top of the engine? I think this is the Milwaukee Road's Little Joe, one of Leo's favorite engines if I'm not mistaken.


My parents would be so delighted with this. I can't help but think of them. 

My sweet pea.