Hard getting details from Owen about the wedding the band played yesterday. About all I got was that they played Sweet Home Alabama and most of the crowd got up to dance. AND my favorite line, "Yeah, and we played the Twist and an old woman fell down. She was twisting so hard she fell down." I couldn't help it. I laughed and laughed at that (I'm assuming she was fine).

It's the day after Owen's show and Leo's last day before he goes back to work. Normally we would all go to Fries and Peanuts to celebrate. We've never even had Trinity there with us before. It would be perfect. But no. Too hot to sit outside and not sure I want to do that anyway, particularly with all the students back in town. I know, I know, they're all being tested twice a week, but… So we'll go with another quiet day.


Dinner note:

I finally did something I always SAY I will do when I buy beets and carrots with the greens on. I made beet and carrot green pesto. Not really a pesto I suppose, as no garlic and no cheese. I just tossed the greens in my food processor along with some olive oil, a few walnuts, salt, pepper and the juice of half a lemon. It was delightfully earthy and sharp. We put it on some seared lamb should steaks. We had beets and corn with it. The corn is so INCREDIBLY sweet that it's almost TOO sweet just on its own. I found some cilantro and minced that up and tossed it with the corn and it was perfect.




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