I got the Paul Collins book in the mail the other day (it SORELY needed an editor. A far better use of your money would be the Chuck Prophet book). Something in the book reminded me of Nick and I so wanted to send off a text to him about it. I can just see how he would have nodded and laughed. 

It made me miss him so I scrolled through some of our back and forth messages. I came across this one.

Hi Cynthia, I hope you are well. You're like the greatest mom in the world regarding the Flaming Groovies/Owen situation. I love you so much for that, not that I didn't already, but it's just another rose on the heap. I love that Owen messages me about the car and other moments as well. I was driving home from work tonight and listening to an album I've had for a while but only recently really taking a shine to and wanted to share it with you. You may already know about it and love it but I'll be goddamned if the Kris Kristofferson record This Old Road isn't a long in the tooth masterpiece for the old guy then I don't know scat. Also, I been wanting you to know that I thought of you while driving through the desert of New Mexico while listening to Tom Russell's album, The Long Way Around, which I was drawn to by the song Beyond the Blues which I first heard played by Bob Neuwirth but it's co written by him TRussell and Peter Case. I told Owen he needs to get me a video or audio of Taxi Boys set with PC too. Hope you are well. Much love, Nick

Later he sent me a short video of Peter Case when he was doing a Wild Honey Show at Paul Rock's. It made me smile so hard. I wrote back:

Sniff, sniff. I love you. It's funny…changes sometimes change perceptions…if that makes sense. Not that I ever doubted how much I loved you, but this has reinforced it. ❤️ Give my love to Peter!

I miss Nick.

He has left a Nick sized hole in my life, and that is pretty big.