OMG. Watching the last season of My Kitchen Rules is so distressing. It makes the earlier seasons seem like cute, innocent puppies. It is incredibly trashy. I will persevere though, I will persevere.

I haven't posted too much of late. The days are in that quiet rhythm and again, it's just cats, food, work, MKR (although we did see friends over the weekend which was glorious). We've tentatively planned a wander for later this month. Hopefully, we can make it happen. We have to have more car work done which I'm dreading but cross your fingers it will work out. My psyche really needs some empty roads and old signs. I'm fine with no restaurants or the like and will bleach the hell out of our motels but I need some ROAD. My poor little Instagram feed is on life support.

In order to make some of these wanders happen I have added a donate button on here….if anyone wants to throw a dollar or two toward the cost of maintaining this blog and its wanders, it would be appreciated but is of course not expected. I feel a little funny doing it but decided what the hell. Just trying to figure out how to move ahead with what makes us happy and healthy. Ernie is feeling pretty good and his hair is growing back!!! We may never have the long blonde ponytail again but it's damned nice to see some fuzz on that head. He gets tired easily but apart from the damned neuropathy pain he is doing pretty well. I want to make sure we enjoy this time together.

So, onward. I hope you are all doing as well as possible in these strange times.


Scrambled eggs by Ernie with low fodmap salsa (!) and a kale pesto kind of thing. Nice.

As we sat in the yard waiting for the rain yesterday evening, the nicotiana, as Ernie put it, was STYLING.