1. The days putter along in their basic rhythm but here and there things pop up. Car goes in the shop tomorrow, Owen had his colonoscopy and endoscopy today. First glance things look ok, will wait for more info. His girlfriend, Trinity, took him which I really loved. As I told him, taking your boyfriend to get a colonoscopy isn't the sexiest thing in the world. I love, love, love how they take care of each other.

2. So, I will sit here and worry about the car and my baby and everything else in the world I can think of…including, why Bob Woodward saved everything for his book when perhaps, just perhaps, publishing some of it sooner, could have made a difference.

3. I don't know if I want time to speed up or slow down. I do know I want fall here. The sweet Autumn clematis is already fading so I guess it is slowly coming.

4. I've perfected my map for our next wander. Of late, after researching locations and possibles sites I pop it all into Google's My Maps so I have it all laid out and can pull up the images and directions quickly. It gives a ridiculous amount of pleasure. Here is the plan for this month's trip. Thank you SO much to the folks that have contributed to making this happen. I am indeed blessed with good friends, whether I know them directly or not!

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 11.34.28 AM

5. When I came out of the bedroom this morning, this was what greeted me. And yes, I am a messy desk person.