1. In case you were wondering, Bob DID forgive Ernie for being gone for a few days. He seemed a bit put out with him when we first got home but quickly got over it and once again faithfully  followed Ernie wherever he went. And as you can see, when they settled onto the couch, they made up completely. Oh, and mid-trip, Ernie actually announced that he missed Bob…something he's never been willing to admit to previously.


2. On the first day of the drive we were terrorized for a good part of it by a spider crawling around the car evading capture. He eventually darted onto the windshield. Ernie made a grab for him while I leaned against the door in horror. 


"I think so. Well, at least I got one leg."


"Cynthia, STOP YELLING or I'm going to hit something" (because of course, this happened when we were in the thick of traffic).

Eventually, this led to us finding a spot to pull over and me standing outside in the rain while Ernie vanquished  the spider before we drove on.

3. So, before the trip I researched COVID rates in Wisconsin and Michigan. At the time it appeared that the high rates were centered in southern Wisconsin and mostly related to colleges reopening. Then, of course, when we got there it seemed to be everywhere and the news is full of stories about Wisconsin. Sigh. Mostly we were in the middle of nowhere and by ourselves so fingers crossed. The mental health value of this trip was incredible.

4. The fall colors were glorious and even further along than I had expected. It's the glowing yellow that always makes me feel like I am floating. 


5. Ernie still hates it when I make him drive down unpaved roads. Sniff.

6. It looks like Ameren is going to have to massacre (well, they said 'trim pretty hard') the maple in our yard. I guess I can't complain since they saved me with the ash tree. The damn maple was never supposed to grow that tall. I will never learn that the little tags on trees and bushes in the nursery are not exact measurements of future height. Sigh. Well, the whole front yard needs to be rethought next year anyway. We shall see.

7. So glad to be back home eating real food instead of the junk we ate on the trip. I need the wanders, but home is good.


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