Yesterday was a hard day.

The first thing I saw when I woke up was the news that Angie Heaton had passed. While we knew it was coming, it still hits hard. You think you’ve prepared yourself, but there is no way to truly prepare yourself now is there?

Fucking cancer.

I didn’t know Angie as well as many of her friends did. And, oh lord did she have friends. I hope she had an inkling of how much she was loved. We had kind of a friends of friends thing going but then she reached out really kindly to me when Ernie was struggling a bit at one point and we became better friends. I felt like we got each other but then again, she probably made everybody feel that way. And we bonded a bit over Bill Chambers. I mean, who else gives people the shirt off their back, literally? Angie.

I must be honest, that in addition to grieving Angie, it was a hard day because every time I see someone die of cancer it hits me right in the stomach. Later I opened my email to see an email in response to a form Ernie fills out online weekly, confirming that he was having increased pain. And then I saw that Eddie Van Halen had died, proving that money and access to any care you want is no match for cancer.

Fucking cancer.

It was a hard day. 

I send my utmost love to all that are grieving Angie. She was a fierce and beautiful spirit.