Lovely day yesterday. Started the day reading in bed and ended it that way too. Perfect for me. In between we chatted to Leo about his middle of the night train chase, looked at video of heritage units and chatted to Owen. I wrote a blog post and then Ernie wanted to go out and find some old train signal in Urbana that Leo had just found online. I agreed, closed my laptop and got ready. We zigged and zagged and finally found it. Leo will probably go and get better photographs but he was delighted with our find. Then we just drove through the cornfields, watching harvest.


We stopped at Cheese and Crackers to pick up our fish but the haddock hadn't come in and the other fish looked beautiful but was too pricy at the moment. Went to Schnuck's and picked up a few things and headed home. Found Owen baking a ravioli casserole. He'd also pulled pork chops from Triple S out of the freezer so I guess he was in a cooking mood.

We watched a couple of our Great British Menu cooking shows. They are strangely calming. They remind me of the Thomas the Tank Engine videos we used to watch (NOT the new ones…I find those creepy). I remember when Leo informed me that trains didn't really have faces on them. It was a sad day.

I eventually made dinner and it turned out to be delightful despite my complete lack of respect for the scallops. We'd gotten frozen scallops from Aldi a week ago or more. I'd taken them out to defrost one day, then decided not to use them. Back in the refrigerator they went where they sat forgotten for a few days. Then I said I was going to use them and I took them out and put them on a piece of paper towel to dry. Something happened…I don't remember and back they went into the refrigerator. Two days later and I was sure they'd be bad. They smelled just fine so I went for it. Seared in a hot cast iron pan with some olive oil and then plopped on salad greens with walnuts, tomatoes (gorgeous tomatoes from Ginna that she delivered green but have turned beautifully red), parsley from the garden and a vinaigrette made of leftover guacamole thinned a bit with rice wine vinegar. A bit of salt and pepper and we were done. It was SO good. 

We curled up again and watched a few Schitt's Creek episodes. Why did no one TELL me that at one point Moira reminisces about a night at the Mud Club with Johnny Thunders? I would have watched it much sooner! I started feeling TV'd out so I went up to bed, opened the window above my bed, and read for an hour or two. Came back downstairs to watch a bit of the news and then the SNL opening. Back to bed, more reading as I got sleepy.

A pretty damned good day. No, not productive particularly. No cleaning done, no yard work done, no catching up on work, but I guess productive in its very own way.



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