Here we are.

I feel mentally worn out today.

I talked to my sister, Debbie, yesterday.

Her surgery is on Monday.

I so wish I could be there.

I will be on her shoulder though, as our Mom would say whenever we had something hard to do.

I worry.


Later, the four of us all went and voted. ALL four of us. It's hard to accept that I have two adult sons. They didn't even put up a fight when I requested photo documentation. I think I have worn them down. Aren't they the most beautiful things in the whole wide world?

We came back home and we sat and talked, all hanging out together in the living room. Those times are getting more scarce as they both lead their own lives more and more. Ernie took off to go to the store and then the three of us just sat and kept talking. Talked about being sad and frustrated and the future. I tried to just soak up the moment. Leo took off for a dentist appointment only to return because his temperature was one degree too high. I think it was merely from him sitting in a hot car waiting for them to let him in but can't fault them a bit and am glad they are so careful. 



Here we are.

As much as I knew there would be no quick return on the election, a tiny bit of me hoped for it. Hoped that I would not have to accept that half the country truly is content with where we are and who we seem to be.


One thought on “Here we are

  1. I’m having a hard time coming to that acceptance as well. sigh
    I love the picture!
    I’ll keep Debbie in my thoughts too…I hope her surgical team is great and that the procedure is successful. All the best for her!