I want to say, ‘fuck cancer,’ but it’s just not big enough. It doesn’t BEGIN to express what I feel.

We learned today that a friend has passed. Mike Zanger, of Log House House Concerts and Taqueiro Z in Edwardsville, Illinois is sadly gone. I wrote him a few months ago to check on how his chemo was going. We compared notes on his chemo and Ernie’s. Somehow I thought there’d be live music again and we’d cross paths once more before things got worse.

We didn’t know Mike all that well, but after his coming to a couple of shows at our house and running into him at the Olney memorial, I felt like we were on our way to becoming fast friends. He was one of our tribe, so there was that instant connection, that click.

I send my love to his wife, Megan, and all his friends and loved ones.

Look at this picture from last year. Three wonderful men, and now only Van is still here with us.

I’m afraid I can’t be articulate today.

Our love to you, Mike.

3 thoughts on “I need a meaner word

  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. Cancer SUCKS.!!!!!

  2. Oh! That’s such sad news. I don’t always know everyone’s name at house concerts, but I definitely recognize/remember his face.
    Ugh, cancer.