Mustard and chard cooked with a smoked ham hock. I let it cook all day but by the time it was done I wasn’t hungry. Packed it away and had popcorn. It worked for me.
Bob of the Day
Cranberries in my beautiful little gray pot that the boys gave me for Christmas last year. Basic cranberry sauce with some cinnamon and cloves.

It feels odd not to be prepping for lots of folks tomorrow. It’s quiet here. Leo’s at work and Owen is over at Trinity’s (our beloved Trinity lost her grandmother unexpectedly earlier this week). Ernie and I have done a little cooking prep and are watching a Hallmark Christmas movie. Usually I insist on no Christmas before Thanksgiving but this year I’m all in. I suppose II find it comforting. When we watch Christmas movies we drink a toast every time somebody says cocoa. And no, we don’t cheat and drink to hot chocolate. Cocoa only.

Pie crust is made but not rolled out. We shall see. I didn’t have xanthum gum which was called for but it was $16 and Schnuck’s so I just said the hell with it. This is why I can’t bake. I will report on the pie later. Ernie just dashed to the store and then I’ll start the meat pie filling. That’s when we will officially have achieved holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all.