1. Well, damned if I didn't forget to announce the best news yesterday. My sister's surgeon's office called and the margins were all CLEAN and the one lymph node they took was fine. Best POSSIBLE news! She'll still have radiation but will then be DONE with it! Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes for this outcome!

2. Outdoor fire as the weather turned cool and the rain started last night.


3. Sometimes the salmon just comes out perfect. Cast iron pan with olive oil, skin side down til it's crispy, then turn for a minute or two. Salad greens with just olive oil and salt and the last of the duck fat potatoes. Pretty darn wonderful. The skin was shatteringly crisp, just like fish bacon. Ernie doesn't understand the pleasures of it so I get his too. 

4. My sweet pea with a stunning batch of chard from Farmer Greg.



5. Doesn't he look cute?


6. Bob of the day

Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 3.46.24 PM
7. And yes, we DID buy a 20 lb turkey even though it will only be four of us. Big turkeys taste better.



4 thoughts on “Random Notes, Some More Important Than Others

  1. Wonderful news about your sister! You are right about big turkeys, but there are only two of us. One year we bought a 24-pound fresh turkey because that was all that was left. Tons of meat, tons of stock, just tons. BTW, happy to see that Bob has a head.

  2. Great news about your sister! Beautiful bunch of chard, fine-looking Ernie and Bob photos, and that salmon! Wow. Life is good.

  3. Such wonderful news about Debbie! That’s great!
    Owen looks so much like Ernie. Ernie’s looking good!
    As always-your food pix make me hungry, looks delicious…