Yesterday afternoon lasted about 48 hours. I kid you not. We left the house around 1:30. We got to the Cancer Center. There was a sign saying no visitors allowed but I just went in and nobody stopped me. Their Christmas decorations are up reminding me that it's almost been a year since this latest cancer adventure started. Ernie checked in and they sent him upstairs to get blood drawn from his port instead of where he usually goes. We found a spot in the waiting room. Random chairs are blocked off but everyone is still kinda close. Not sure what else they could do but it feels odd. Ernie went in and got his blood taken. Then we had about an hour and a half to wait. We decided to go for a drive rather than sitting in the waiting room all that time. Then someone came and called Ernie back though. They said he was supposed to get his injection then, rather than after the doctor appointment as usual. We shrugged, he went in, I went back to my chair. A minute later he was back. They'd made a mistake. Ok. We paid our dollar to get out of the parking garage and went and got an iced tea at the Dunkin Donuts drive-through, as Einstein's, with my favorite iced tea, was closed. We decided to drive around Crystal Lake Park. We meandered through, admiring all the changes they are making. Then we parked and I sipped my iced tea. Ernie turned the car off. Mistake. It wouldn't start. It was doing the weird totally dead thing that nobody can seem to figure out. We weren't totally panicked. Ernie could walk to his appointment, Owen was at home. But. Sigh. After a tense while, it started. We headed back to the cancer center and went back to the waiting room. Got called in and waited for Vasireddy. Wait for it. I LOVE THAT MAN. Ok. Ernie's numbers were all good. Yay. Then I asked Vasireddy to look at where Ernie's dinosaur claw had come off. His podiatrist just saw it on Tuesday but I DID not like the look of it. Vasireddy didn't either and gave Ernie antibiotics and said to keep an eye on it. We checked out and Ernie headed into the infusion suite while I headed back to the waiting room as they truly don't allow visitors in there. He was just getting an injection but it takes a while as they don't order it from the pharmacy until he is there in the infusion area. There was nobody left in the waiting room and the light was starting to get low outside. Finally, Ernie was done. We headed over to Cheese and Crackers to pick up the fish we ordered, then to Walgreen's to pick up the antibiotics, then to Schnuck's and then finally home. It was 5:30 and dark and I would have sworn we'd left the house a day or two ago.

Not a bad afternoon…but L.O.N.G.

We had a glass of wine, watched the news and then followed it with a Hallmark Christmas movie. Ate leftovers instead of cooking our fish.



Oh, and here's the Bob of the Day.


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